Kodi Movie

Kodi Movie: How to stream watch movies & TV Shows

When you have installed the Kodi Movie App on your device of choice the fun begins! Kodi connects all your devices and lets you stream content locally or from the Internet with the wide arrange of Kodi Addons made available by the awesome Kodi community. For this tutorial we will use the standard Kodi software (no add-ons) and the add-on installer!

The standard, clean, Kodi app without any Add-ons lets you stream all your local stored media such as videos, music and photos instantly to your TV. Basically everything that you have stored on your device of choice can be stream directly into your living room.

Kodi Movie

Although this is already great as it is, the Kodi app has a lot more potential! The most important part, and perhaps a bit more difficult, is the use of so called Kodi Movie Add-ons. These Add-ons allow you to stream any online media that is available online. Any media? Yes all media! The Kodi Add-ons allow you to stream sports channels with live sports, all local TV Channels from all countries in the world, the standard media websites such as Youtube, Pinterest and most important series and movies for free!!!. Please be careful, not all streams are to be legally used in some countries.

Please check the jurisdictions of your country  before streaming the available media freely with the Kodi movie addons.

Kodi Movie addons

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To stream movies and TV shows you need an addon; or Add-on. These Kodi movie addons let you search all kinds of online media. Almost any TV channel worldwide, all movies out there and more music than you can ever listen to is available within arm’s reach! Or watch your favorite sports live whenever you like, where ever you want!

Please find here all information about Kodi Movie Addons and other addons! It is really worth your while to installing these addons. The Kodi community has built many great addons to make you Kodi movie multimedia experience even better than as it already is!

The Kodi movie media center uses a straight forward user interface that is all about being the most complete digital multimedia center you can think of. It allows you to easily browse, search and stream all sorts of media such as videos, music and pictures. Both locally stored media and online media, from your computer through your local network to you TV. It’s as easy as that!

The standard skin is the Confluence skin which works just great. It does what it should do and is very practical. However, you can download many other skins to personalize your Kodi multimedia center as you wish.