Kodi app – Download, install, enjoy

The Kodi App in an all round and open source software media entertainment system. All you you ever want from a media player: stream you local stored media offline or use add-ons to stream online media such as TV channels, movies and popular TV shows. However very extensive in what the Kodi app can do for you, for some people considered less user friendly as more mainstream services such as Netflix or Amazon Video. But forget about these, start using the Kodi app for free and it will blow your mind! 

To help out we have an easy walk-through how to use the Kodi app, how to install Kodi Add-ons and more! The Kodi app doesn’t have the limitations that other devices have. The possibilities are endless.

Kodi App for your device

Download the Kodi App for any device out there. To make your life even more easy we have device specific articles for Windows, Windows Phone, Android and MAC. You can download Kodi on your Rasberry Pi and create a home entertainment system or use a jail braked iOS system!

Both for online and offline media streaming, the Kodi App is the way to go! Stream your homemade videos directly to your Smart TV, stream online movies or any TV

Kodi App

Channel out there! Live sports, games and music! All for free, made possible by the dedicated Kodi community. It’s really not gonna get better than this.

Kodi app wide

What is the Kodi App?

Kodi is an open sourced and free to use entertainment system. Both to use at home and on the way!

By streaming both offline and online media Kodi offers a wide arrange of possibilities that you cannot get with any other entertainment service. It’s even so elaborate that it connects all your devices at home. For example, stream from your computer to your Smart TV just by a click of a button on your phone or tablet. Or use an external server to stream and use all your personal media anywhere in the world. All your, videos, music, photo’s, podcasts, programs and even games can be streamed from one device to another: centralizing all your media into one place.

Basically the Kodi app lets you stream your stored data (on your computer, local network, phone or tablet) and combines this with all the media you want to stream from the Internet. Also, Kodi and the Kodi-app will turn any device with media and a Wi-Fi or Internet connection into a set-up box to stream to your TV or stereo. Thus, stream from your computer to you TV or set-up box.

The Kodi Community

Kodi is an open source platform backed by a dedicated community. Without this community there would not be Kodi. We would like to invite you to make a donation if you like the Kodi community. If not, why not!

Is my platform compatible with the Kodi App?

The Kodi-app can be used with almost all devices out there! However, some devices are more user friendly than others. The main, and initial, use of the Kodi-app is by means of your computer or local server network. Which means you can use Kodi with Windows, Linux, OS X, Raspberry Pi and Android. However the latest Kodi-app updates also make you mobile devices compatible to stream your favorite media to your TV. All Android smart phones are compatible and to lesser extend iPhones. To use your iPhone you need to jailbrake your iOS.

To stream to your TV you need to be connected to your local server. Most SMART TV’s have this build in and is very easy in use to connect your TV to all your (local) devices. If you don’t have SMART TV you can use set up box such as a Raspberry Pi, Google Chrome or an Amazon Fire Stick

Kodi for Windows
Kodi iOS
Kodi Android
Kodi Windows Phone

Stream Media with the Kodi App

When you have installed the Kodi App on your device of choice the fun begins! Kodi will connect all your devices and lets you stream content locally or from the Internet with the wide arrange of Kodi Addons made available by the Kodi community. For this tutorial we will use the standard Kodi software (no add-ons) and the add-on installer! For more information about how to Install Kodi please find your tutorial here

Kodi app without Addons lets you stream all your local stored media such as videos, music and photos instantly to your TV. Basically everything that you have stored on your device of choice can be stream directly into your living room. 

The most interesting past is the use of so called Kodi Addons. These Addons allow you to stream any online media that is available online. The Kodi Addons allow you to stream sports channels with live sports. All local TV Channels from all countries in the world. And the standard media websites such as Youtube, Pinterest, News and most important series and movies for free!!!. Please be careful, not all streams are to be legally used in some countries.

Live TV with the Kodi App

The Kodi app is ideal to watch any kind of live TV at anytime. Many addons are available specially tailored to your needs. Watch live sports, local news and local TV channels from just about any country in the world. The possibilities are fast and almost unlimited. If done right (just check out our top 15 Kodi live TV addons) you don’t need a TV subscription anymore. The amount of TV channels is much more great you would get with a regular TV subscription and if organized correctly also more easily accessible. If you have trouble installing such an addon, first check out our article about how Kodi Addon Installers: an “appstore” like addon to make your life a lot more easy.

To find out more what addons are good for you and why you should install them please find a top 15 Kodi Live TV addons guide here.

Fusion Kodi and alternative Addon Installers

Fusion Kodi installer is, or has been, the most popular addon installer for Kodi. Yet also infamous nowadays for the reason that it’s not anymore supported by its developers. In this article we give you a few options to install an addon installer. First, a step by step walk-through how to install Fusion for Kodi and reasons why you perhaps shouldn’t.

As an alternative we provide you with two alternatives for Fusion. Smash Repository and SuperRepo. Both with a clear step by step walk-through how to install both of these Fusion alternatives. It ill change your experience with Kodi and how you install all the great addons out there. Both alternatives are stable, have a lot of quality links and just work great for anyone.

For ideas what Addon to download next be sure to check our Kodi Live TV top 15.