Compatible Kodi Platforms

Android, Macbook, Linux and the many commercial media-streaming boxes. In this article we will discuss the possibilities for you to start using this great multimedia center. We make recommendations for which Kodi platforms to use and which to avoid.

Because Kodi is an community build and open source service with no commercial intent we promote  you to buy a Raspberry Pi if you want get yourself a mediastreaming box. Just like Kodi Raspberry Pi is a community build open source computer with no commercial purpose. For this reason, please make a bit more of an effort and build your own! Please find this link if you enjoy Kodi and like to make a donation.

Compatible Kodi Platforms

Compatible Kodi Platforms: Windows

Windows Desktop

One of the compatible Kodi platforms is Windows. All-round a very stable and sound operating system that just about anyone has ever heard of. Kodi is easy to install on this platform and to stream both locally stored and online media as you wish. For the reason that Windows allows you to have a local network you can also stream media directly from you computer to any other WIFI connected device at home. For example your Smart-TV, your phone, tablet or even another computer.

Windows Phone

The second and perhaps best compatible Kodi platform out there is Windows Phone. Windows phone’s Kodi app is very easy in use and when you have a Windows computer at home one of the best user experiences of all the compatible Kodi platforms out there. Because Windows allows you to integrate your desktop with your phone, the possibilities are remarkable. Stream media from your computer at home directly on your phone while on the road with the Kodi app. When you have all your media added to Kodi software’s library, you can access all your photos, videos and music anywhere when connected to the internet with your Windows Phone

Compatible Kodi Platforms: Android

Android is after Windows phone the most used and user friendly of all the compatible Kodi platforms. Android makes it very easy for you to download and install Kodi Addons. This in turn allows you to make use of all the great content the Kodi community has created. For example, video addons such as Exodus work perfectly on your Android device. And when your Android device is connected to a local WIFI, it doenst come more easy to stream online media directly to other WIFI connected devices such as Smart-phones and Chromecast.

Kodi Android

Compatible Kodi Platforms: Linux

Linux based devices are perfectly made for being a stable compatible Kodi Platform. Yet a Linux computer is very straightforward, some other Linux devices such as the Raspberry Pi are not. This little computer is such a great device to build your own Kodi Mediasteaming Box. We are a huge fan of the Raspberry Pi and we like to invite you to look more in to this. Just as Kodi, Linux is open source software. Less easy than for example Windows or Mac-OS compatible Kodi platforms, the possibilities and things you can do are endless.

Linux Kodi

Compatible Kodi Platforms: Apple

kodi for macbook

Macbooks and other Apple devices can be used to act as a compatible Kodi platform. However due to its closed operating system Kodi doesn’t always run that well. This is especially the case with Apple’s iOS. For iOS compatible Kodi platforms you want to jailbreak your iOS device. Which we cannot recommend for most iOS users. You need to have some basic knowledge to do so and it might interfere with your iOS user experience. For your Macbook as a compatible Kodi platform please read all about it here!

Dont buy a Mediastreaming box: Build your own Raspberry Pi

The last and final platform to stream Kodi from are so called Mediastreaming boxes. However this is a great and easy way use Kodi, we are not a big fan. Kodi is open sourced software with no commercial intent. These boxes are and make use of Kodi (which is for free) and use it for their own commercial gains. If you like to have a mediastreaming box with Kodi we recommend you to build your own with a Raspberry Pi. Which is also an open source based software. Please find this video to get to learn how to make your own Raspberry Pi mediastreaming center. You can do this!