Kodi Live TV – A Top 15 Guide

Use the app to watch Kodi live TV anytime you like. Anywhere you like and yes, for free to the extent that your local legislation allows you to do so. Please note that you cannot use Kodi Live TV addons just anywhere in the world. Check your local jurisdictions whether you can legally stream online media content with Kodi.

Nevertheless, once you find your way in the Kodi Addon Store you are just a few clicks away from streaming live TV through the Kodi App. There are dozens of great addons to stream live TV through Kodi! This guide will try to give you a few insights in what Kodi live TV addons you can use to make your live even easier!

14 of these addons are free to use, however one addon (a very good one) you need a subscription for (number 15: USTVNOW). Please find our top 15 of best Kodi Live TV Addons here. Please note that the top 15 of best Kodi Live  TV addons is somewhat randomly chosen, each addon has its perks and downsides. You cannot really compare them all, so please just read my guide and see for yourself which addon fits you best!

Kodi Live TV

Navi-X – Kodi Live TV Addon #1


With being one of the first Kodi live TV addons this addon is just great. First of all because of it’s long history the addon is very stable, meaning it wont crash. Although Navi-X was recently in the news that the service would shut down, in most countries it’s still available. The reason of a likely shutdown was due to piracy infringements, for the reason the UK’s legislation didn’t allow users to stream Kodi live TV on their computer. A pitty.

Anyway, Navi-X is still one of the most used live TV addons for Kodi. With over thousands of worldwide channels a true masterpiece. Easy to install though the Kodi-Addon Store and easy to use. Navi-X has many suggestion options, channels with your favorite TV shows, movies and Live Sports. The other features such as marking your favorite channels, reviews of other users and checking the most viewed channels in the past 24 hours is a real nice extra you don’t get with most other Kodi Live TV addons!

Please find here a youtube tutorial how to instal Navi-X

Stream Engine – Kodi Live TV Addon #2

Also a great and stable Kodi addon. Perhaps less elaborate as Navi-X, what distinguishes Stream Engine from its counterparts is that categorizes all the channels. Sports, check out the live sports channels. Movies, check out the live movie channels. TV shows, well you can guess. Also great for children for the reason there is a children’s category.

I think its one of the most elaborate Live TV Addons you will find for Kodi. Just like for example Exodus is also offers a lot of movies and TV shows to choose from. So whether its a pure Live TV Addon: no. But it has a very complete and elaborate Live TV section to choose from.

The menu is very straightforward and gives you a good idea what to watch! Download and install the Stream Engine Kodi Addon through the Kodi Addon Store and start binging right now!

Please find here a Youtube tutorial how to install Stream Engine

Stream Engine

Goodfellas 2.0 – Kodi Live TV Addon #3

Goodfellas 2.0

Not the average Kodi Live TV addon you expect, however one of my favorite addons for Kodi so far. For the reason that is offers a lot of non-mainstream channels such as NASA streams, Japanese TV channels, the weather channels and even UFC.

Yet this addon is not as stable as the previous mentioned Kodi Live TV addons, for sure a good idea to check it out! Some links are not always working which can be frustrating. However the reason why I mention this addon is that its unique and a 100% worth checking out!

Ah, and most of the US tv channels are accessible through the Sweetlist. Just choose on the sweetlists in the menu and go for it! The menu is straightforward, easy in use and the Goodfellas 2.0 Kodi Addon can be downloaded through the Kodi Addon Store as usual!

Please find here a Youtube tutorial how to Install Goodfellas 2.0

Quantum – Kodi Live TV Addon #4

Quantum (previously sanctuary) is a collective of many other Kodi Live TV addons. Although it also shows many mainstream TV channels such as today’s Football, TV Shows, Movies, etc. this is not the best past of Quantum. Quantum also takes about 18 minor Live TV addons and combines them into one big live feed fiesta.

There is a lot to choose from. I mean, a lot. You can browse trough all or per category. What’s nice that not only doest Quantum show commercial live TV but it also hosts a lot of user build TV channels.

Quantum hosts popular channels such as BAMF IPTV, Brettus Anime, Cerburus, Ultra IP TV, Silent Hunter, Dojo Streams, Fido, Midnight Society, Quicksilver Music Deliverance, Oblivion IPTV, Renegade Darts, some adult channels and more. Not your average Kodi Live TV addon, but definitely one of the greatest if you are into the finer things in life!

Please find here a Youtube tutorial how to install Quantum

cCloud – Kodi Live TV Addon #5

cCloud Kodi

Also a must have Kodi Live TV Addon. Many and many international TV channels from the US to India and from Germany all the way to Japanese TV channels. Really great is you like to watch something different. cCloud is rather fast and really adds to the user friendly character of the addon.

Yet the menu could be structured better, somewhat hard to find you way sometimes, however I expect that the creators of this amazing addon will deal with this issue in the near future! With thousands channels to choose from there is just a lot to discover! Go for it!

Please find here a Youtube tutorial how to install cCloud

Teevie – Kodi Live TV Addon #6

Teevie Kodi Addon is a Kodi Live TV addon that specializes in Live TV per country. Great is you are abroad and just like to watch some shows from home. However not all channels are available for each country (this would be too much) there is large variety of content to watch that you can select with your country of choice! For the UK and US most TV channels are there though, which a lot of channels!

The Addon is created by Echo Coder who are famous for the quality Kodi addons they create. It works like it should and in my 10 hours of using the addon and checking out hunders of tv channels I only found one link that didn’t work as good as the others. Great great Live TV addon for Kodi!

Please find here a Youtube tutorial how to install Teevie


Kodi Live TV – Kodi Live TV Addon #7

Rather similar to Teevie. It sorts all its channels by country and is more specified for European TV channels. There are eleven countries to choose from and subsequently it shows many feeds to pick. All UK channels are there, all German TV channels are available and most of the French TV channels can be streamed live, from anywhere in the world.

Also the choice of Live TV Feeds from the other countries Italian, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian /Ukrainian, Romanian, Greek and Polish look very complete to me. I cannot say though, because I have never watched TV in these countries. Definitely worth you while checking out the Kodi Live TV Addon! Good Stuff!

Please find here a Youtube tutorial how to install Kodi Live TV

Sports Devil – Kodi Live TV Addon #8

However specialized in sports and streaming live games it also has a Live TV feed. I use this addon mostly during my travels abroad and I want to watch a game from my home town or something that is not available at the place where I am. Sometime you might need to search a bit to find a minor sports event, however in the end you will find it. Although some links don’t always work (1 out of 10), you really got to give the developers a lot of credits for such an amazing addon.

Just like a pair of slacks, SportsDevil an essential piece in your collection. You can find any sports event out there both live and after match news about the sports.

It has, I think, all the major and minor Sports channels and is great to watch a game that is important to you but not for the country you’re in. You can find soccer, American football, darts, most of the UFC and boxing channels and moreover F1.

Please find here a Youtube tutorial how to install SportsDevil

BAMF TV – Kodi Live TV Addon #9


Also available through the Quantum Kodi Addon, this addon is a bit more straightforward. Scroll your way through the amazing and fast amount of live feeds BAMF TV has. Menus, submenus, more choice, there is just too much to choose from.

The BAMF TV Addon is very stable and nearly all feeds work as they should. Most channels are categorized by the kind of IPTV content they feed, such as documentaries, movies, tv-shows, kids, news, etc. From there on there are many more feeds to choose from and I think for such a complete and easy to use Kodi Live TV addon one of the best out there! Also BAMF TV provides a lot of Martial Arts, old Kung-fu and other  great content only guys with chest-hair like! Not most people, however if you are a fan like me: it’s not gonna get better than this!

Please find here a Youtube tutorial how to install BAMF TV

Phoenix – Kodi Live TV Addon #10

A widely used, and one of the most popular Kodi Live TV addons out there. It covers many live TV channels from countries all around the world. And it works great! Phoenix doesn’t let you down, rather it let’s you enjoy its feed as it should.

Over 80 countries to choose from and per country a complete selection of what available there. Sports, entertainment. news, shows, movies, etc. It’s a very complete feed service and has a lot of quality live TV channels to choose from!

However besides a large selection of Live TV Phoenix also offers a very up-t0-date collection of TV shows and movies to choose from. Both in 1080p quality and 720p. Categorized as such that you will skip a night of sleeping for sure! Also the section with old movies is great. I’m a big fan of ’80 movies and Phoenix offers it all. Yeah, love this addon. Just install and you’ll see how great it is! Game on!

Please find here a Youtube tutorial how to install Phoenix


iPlayerWWW – Kodi Live TV Addon #11


However mainly UK based TV channels to choose from, definitely worth mentioning in this Kodi Live TV addon guide. iPlayerWWW is user friendly, fast in use and provides a lot of quality TV channels to choose from. Perhaps not the most elaborate live TV addon but the amount of quality UK channels is staggering.

Basically its a webbased addon that links your Kodi to the BBC’s online streaming service. The service that is also available for mobile divices by the use of an APP let’s you stream, download and check out all shows that is being broadcasted by the BBC. Like Netflix only very English and not the same at all! Grab yourself a cup of tea, forget brushing your teeth and check out this addon while it’s raining outside!

Please find here a Youtube tutorial how to install iPlayer WWW

Vdubt25 – Kodi Live TV Addon #12

Perhaps the most easy and userfriendly Kodi live TV addon out there. Just like a Volkswagen; it will get you anywhere you want to go without too much fuzz. Vdubt25 is just an excellent Addon that works, not the most elaborate yet the most reliable I think.

The quality of feeds is great, provides a very well categorized menu which gives you always something good to watch. Music, sports, news, kids and other categories all in HD quality!

Yet you don’t need a super fast internet connection to use it, I can tell from experience. I have used in a hotel with a terrible internet connection, however the quality of the feeds were amazing. Really an amazing live TV addon for Kodi!

Please find here a Youtube tutorial how to install vDubt25


Exodus – Kodi Live TV Addon #13

With formally being the Genesis Kodi Addon, a truly magnificent piece of software. Yet more polished and advanced than its predecessor. Genesis was the reason why I got started with Kodi. For this reason I really need to mention Exodus in this guide to the best Live TV Kodi Addons.

Exodus is not really a true live TV addon for Kodi. Exodus for Kodi is an addon that provides you with all the movie and TV show streaming you ever need. Like Any other paid streaming service (e.g. Netflix) out there only much, much, more sophisticated.

The addon is simple in use, very well categorized and the search option works as it should. What makes Exodus so great is that it is such an elaborate streaming service of such high quality. You can choose subtitles if you please and in the time I have used this addon (almost every day) it has never let me down.

Sounds good, works great! Not a live TV addon in the essence, however very much worth mentioning in this guide.

Please find here a Youtube tutorial how to install Exodus

UK Turks Playlist – Kodi Live TV Addon #14

A rather wide selection of live TV feeds. Not the most and best HD quality feeds you might need sometimes, yet the links are updated very frequently and this is what makes this Kodi live TV addon worth mentioning. It always works!

Just like a few other addons it has also other features such as streaming movies, TV shows and music. However there is a live TV menu where you can choose from many TV channels around the world.

Please find here a Youtube tutorial how to install UK Turks Playlist

USTVNOW Plus – Kodi Live TV Addon #15

Basically the best Kodi Addon I have tried for streaming live TV. However there is a catch, it’s not for free. You can download the addon as you normally would, to use it you need a subscription. It offer nearly, maybe all, US TV channels to stream live from anywhere in the world. Although the subscription fee of $10 might seem a bit much, it isn’t.

The quality of feeds is amazing and it always works. Always. Basically I would recommend USTVNOW Plus for all who want to legally stream their favorite US based TV channels from anywhere in the world. Very complete, quality that you will see with no other Kodi addon and legal in use anywhere in the world due to the paid subscription.

Thumbs up, I truly think this will be the future of Kodi: small fee for good streaming services.

Please find here a Youtube tutorial how to install USTVNOW