Kodi for Macbook!

Kodi for Macbook, all you need to know! The Kodi app for Mac is the free to use home entertainment system you will ever need. It’s easy to use to stream all your local stored media or online movies, videos, photo’s, music and even games. So you can have all your entertainment centralized into one app of open sourced software! The Kodi for Macbook download is very easy and will change your life as you know it! Find the button below to start changing your life today!

kodi for macbook

How to use the Kodi app for Mac

First install Kodi download on your computer. This is very straight forward and the Kodi download can be accessed below. Install Kodi as you would normally install software and you are good to go!

Kodi app for Mac

The Kodi for Macbook is straight forward multimedia center where you can stream both locally stored media or online media. As a multimedia center Kodi lets you leisure from the couch or your bed and choose the media you would like to stream from your macbook to your TV. Yes, this is already possible with other software; however the Kodi app for Mac lets you stream besides locally stored media also almost all online media you can think off! Due to its open source character the Kodi community has created many ways to stream your favorite TV shows, movies and music. Please check your local jurisdiction to not get in trouble. In some countries this is not allowed.

Kodi for Macbook addons

Kodi is all about its community. To stream great online media you want to install Addons. These let you brows all kinds of online videos, music and other media. Almost all worldwide TV channels you can think off, all movies you have never seen and more music than you can ever listen to are available due to the community build Addons! Please read here to learn more about all the Kodi Addons available and how to install them on your Macbook! The Kodi community has built many Addons to make you Kodi for Macbook multimedia experience even better than as it already is!

Besides streaming media to your TV you can actually also watch all your favorite media such as TV shows, movies, music, podcasts, etc. directly on your Macbook as it is. 

The Kodi for Macbook media center uses a straight forward user interface that is all about being the most complete digital multimedia center you can think of. It allows you to browse, search and stream all sorts of media such as videos, music and pictures. Both locally stored media and online media, from your computer through your local network to you TV. It’s as easy as that!