Kodi app for Android! Download and Install

Kodi app for android

Get the Kodi app for your device here! The Kodi app for Android is the home entertainment system for you. It”s about the last entertainement app you’ll ever need. Watch all your favorite media such as video, music and pictures and play them on any device you like! Stream both local media ánd online media! So you can have all your entertainment into a single app. The Kodi app for Android download is very easy and will change your life as you know it!

How to use the Kodi app for Android

First, install the Kodi app for Android. Which is really east, just click on the Android store button below. The Kodi app is easy in use. This is for the reason that Add-ons are easy to install. Is a really great way to chill anywhere at any time and just pick the media you would like to stream from you Android device to your. Local stored videos, pictures, music, TV-shows, anything you can think of actually! With the click of a button on your Android phone, from your PC or MAC directly to your Smart-TV: what a time te be alive! And of course the online videos that are available through the wide arrange of add-ons that made by the Kodi community! Some add-ons let you stream box office movies, please check your local jurisdiction whether this is legal in your country.

Download the Kodi app for Android

Besides streaming media to your TV you can actually also watch all your favorite media such as TV shows, movies, music, podcasts, etc. directly with the Kodi app for Andoid straight away. Is doesn’t get better than this! Just install an Addon and you are good to go!

The Kodi app for Android uses an easy interface that is all about being the most complete media center you can think of. Easily browse, search and stream media such as videos, music and pictures. 

The Kodi Android app doesn’t have any media by itself. It is a media center that is designed to stream from and to your Android device. The standard skin is the Confluence skin which works just great. It does what it should do. However, you can download many other skins to personalize you Kodi Android experience.

Can I use the Kodi app for Android?

The Kodi app for Android runs on most Android Smartphones and Android Tablet with Android 4.2 or higher. The Kodi app for Android is compatible with all the well know Android smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S8; Google Pixel; Samsung Galaxy S7 edge; Huawei P10; LG G6; Huawei P10 Plus;Huawei P9; OnePlus 3T; Huawei Mate 9; HTC 10Samsung Galaxy S7; Nexus 6P; and the Sony Xperia Z5

Also using the Kodi app for Android on your Android tablet works great. Maybe even better due to the bigger screen you are using. Have fun browsing through all the Kodi community made add-ons for your Kodi app for Android. You can use all Android tablets with Android 4.2 or higher.

While streaming all the media you can think of from your favorite Android device of choice you can still use all the other apps and functions of your phone or tablet. Making it ideal to relax, stream and multitask at the same time!