Kodi for Windows! Download and Install

Kodi for Windows, you have been missing out on multimedia! The Kodi for Windows download is home entertainment system that will change your life. We explain you how to download the Kodi for Windows app, how install Kodi for Windows and how to use Addons for Kodi Windows. It is easy to use and for all your local and online media such as:movies, videos, podcasts, photo’s, music, programs and even games. So you can have all your entertainment into one single piece of software.

Kodi for Windows

How to use Kodi for Windows

First install Kodi download on your computer. This is easy and you can download Kodi for windows below. Install Kodi as you would normally install any software on your Windows computer and you are good to go!

Kodi app for Windows

The standard Kodi for Windows software is straight forward in use and doesn’t come with any media such as video or music. You can play your locally stored media, or online media with the use of Kodi Addons. As a multimedia center Kodi lets you leisure from the couch or your bed and choose the media you would like to stream from your computer to your TV. Yes, this is already possible with other software; however the Kodi app for Windows lets you also stream almost all online media you can think of! Due to its open source character the  community has made a lot of ways to stream your favorite media with the click of a button. Please check your local jurisdiction to not get in trouble. In some countries this is not allowed.

Kodi for Windows addons

For this you need to install Add-ons. Kodi is all about the community Addons which let you stream all kinds of online media. Almost any TV channel you can think off, movies, live sports and music are available through the Kodi for Windows Addons! Please find the video to have a step-by-step walk through of how to install Kodi for Windos Addons. It’s not gonna get more easy than this to stream anything you like at any time!

It is really worth your while to install the Add-ons. The Kodi community has built many great Add-ons to make you Kodi multimedia experience greater than anything else out there!

Kodi for Windows Interface

The Kodi for Windows media center uses a straight forward user interface that is all about being the most complete digital multimedia center you can think of. It allows you to easily browse, search and stream all sorts of media such as videos, music and pictures. Both locally stored media and online media, from your computer through your local network to you TV. It’s as easy as that!

The standard skin is the Confluence skin which works just great. It does what it should do and is very practical. However, you can download many other skins to personalize your Kodi multimedia center as you wish.